As your wedding plans evolve, no doubt you’re feeling the romance, excitement – and perhaps a bit overwhelmed. Wedding and Event Specialist Traci Pessina of the award-winning Madison Beach Hotel is available to assist in planning the idyllic beachfront wedding ceremony.

5 Tips for planning your Beachfront Wedding Ceremony

Private Beach

What could be more romantic and intimate than nuptials on a private beach? Capture the blissful intimacy of your ceremony on a secluded sandy shoreline. 

Wedding Dress/Suit

A simple light, flowy dress style creates a dreamy beachside look. With the ocean breeze in mind, opt for a shorter veil. For men, consider a suit of light-weight fabric. You could even lose the jacket and showcase dapper suspenders.


Croppy wind-tossed for short hair and beach curls or side braid for longer looks. You may wish to feature a floral crown or headband instead of a veil.


Keep it simple. With a gorgeous beachfront setting, Mother Nature has done the decorating for you.


With any outdoor venue, your music should be amplified. Suggest your officiant wear a microphone to ensure your vows are heard and don’t drift out to sea. 

A graduate of Johnson & Wales, Traci is dedicated to creating the most incredible and memorable experiences for couples, families, and wedding guests at Madison Beach Hotel. Her extensive background in wedding sales has led to many happy couples throughout the region. Be they engagement celebrations, beachfront nuptials, or honeymoon stays at the hotel, Traci approaches every event with creativity and enthusiasm.

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