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CT’s Beardsley Zoo Invites the Public To Join Citizen Scientist FrogWatch USA

Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo invites residents to become Citizen-Scientist volunteers and participate in a “FrogWatch” census in area wetlands.

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Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo Mourns the Loss of Mayor Wiggles

Wiggles the Chinchilla’s brief tenure as the first Mayor of Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo came to an end on Sunday, Jan. 3. The elderly chinchilla passed away from advanced age with his devoted campaign and animal care staff beside him.

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Online “Acoustic Soul” Concert with Singer-Songwriter and The Voice Winner Javier Colon to Be Held June 18

Singer-Songwriter Javier Colon will perform in an online, Facebook Live concert to benefit both non-profit organizations on June 18.

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ExploreCTShoreline Reveals an Abundance of “Bests” along Connecticut’s Coastline

Iconic yet uncharacteristic, Connecticut’s coastal attributes are a welcomed surprise to even the most seasoned of travelers.

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Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo Announces Arrival of New Red Wolf Named for the Flower Moon

Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo is pleased to announce the newest addition to the Zoo family, an eight-year-old female Red wolf named Kawoni.

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Do You Have a Zoo at Your House?

There are many inspirational stories of individuals and companies coping with the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus crisis, but Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo has a few of its own.

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