Anthony Swinford, Head PGA Golf Professional at Fox Hopyard Golf Club in East Haddam, offers ways to improve your golf game.

Tee Times 

Most players do not arrive early for their tee times. Many come to the golf course a few minutes before their tee time and head straight to the first tee. If you want to improve your game, you should allow at least 15-minutes before your tee time to prepare for the round of golf. Stretching is a critical component that helps muscles to be loosened and prevents potential injury. After stretching, hitting chip shots, full shots, and rolling some putts can prevent pre-round nerves, which can produce lower scores.  


Clinics are a great inexpensive way to learn about different topics in a group setting. Beginners/Novice golfers feel more comfortable in a group setting and can get a range of different issues such as Short Game, Uneven Lies, and How to Hit a Fairway Wood. 


Golfers should work with their instructors to develop a plan for their golf game based on their goals. A common mistake golfers make is focusing only on their swings and ignoring other parts of their game. Golfers should have a proper club fitting that encompasses a gapping analysis to make sure their clubs are covering yardages, and physical evaluation to assess any limitations.

Club Fitting  

A common misconception among golfers is that club fitting will not make a difference in their game. Golf clubs have different components and finding the proper fit can help take your game to the next level. Utilizing the Trackman Radar Technology, we can analyze your golf shot and look at your golf equipment to see if you are getting optimal results based on your clubhead speed and attack angle. 

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Anthony graduated from Florida Gulf Coast Golf Management Program with a Double Major in Professional Golf Management and Resort and Hospitality Management. He began his career working in a Club Repair Shop learning about Golf Club Alteration and Club Fitting. Before coming to Fox Hopyard, Anthony has worked at Grey Oaks Country Club, and Medina Golf & Country Club. During his five-year tenure at Grey Oaks Country Club he worked as an Assistant Golf Professional in the Performance Center which is dedicated to Golf Instruction and Club Fitting. Anthony became a Certified Golf Club Fitter by Callaway, Ping, TaylorMade, Titleist and Mizuno. His other certifications include: Certified Trackman Professional, Shaft Fitter from KBS, and True Temper, and a Titleist Golf Ball Fitter.

      Anthony has extensive knowledge of golf equipment and technology which allows for a customized teaching style that is tailored to his player’s goals. He utilizes Trackman in his lessons to provide immediate feedback about the players’ equipment, swing and monitors their progress. Anthony believes Club Fitting and Golf Instruction go hand in hand because each player has their own strengths and weaknesses. He looks at all aspects of the golfer including set up, length, loft, lie angle, and overall ball flight. It is important to analyze all components to attain optimal results. By taking this data into account, Anthony works with the player to help them achieve their goals to make the game of golf fun and enjoyable.