Wedding season is upon us, and this season will be different from any year past. According to The, 60% of over two million weddings in the U.S. will occur between June and October. Closed venues, social distancing, and unemployment, on top of the health concerns, have left many couples scrambling to decide how to proceed with wedding plans now and in the future.  

One growing trend can be an excellent solution for couples who need to reschedule weddings or for brides amid planning – Micro Weddings! What is a Micro Wedding? A Micro Wedding is an intimate, personalized celebration of 5- 50 guests. While the size is smaller than what people think of a traditional wedding, these petite affairs overflow with uniqueness. Small weddings allow couples to have a curated event personalizing every detail. Micro Weddings bring the beautiful story of a couple’s love to life from unique venues to custom menus.  

The smaller size of these affairs has many benefits.  

Flexibility â€“ In many cases, you don’t need to plan your wedding years to get the dates you want. Many wedding venues require minimums of at least 75 – 100 people and book up years in advance. A Micro wedding, however, allows for many more venues to choose which can accommodate a smaller-groups and often don’t have the rigid deposit or cancellation policies.  

Cost â€“ More and more couples are paying for their weddings and prefer to save their dollars for other significant events in their lives like buying homes or paying off student loans. The average cost of a wedding is over $24,000, with weddings in the Northeast topping $40,000! 

Connecticut is one of the top five most expensive states to get married at $263.00 average cost per person. A whopping 78% of that cost is for the venue and catering. That’s a high price tag for only 3-5 hours of celebration.  

Choosing non-traditional venues and keeping the guest count small, l can cut those costs by two thirds. Weekend Weddings at Country Inns or Bed & Breakfasts, for example, are one way to have an extended celebration with family and friends and keeping the budget well within check.  

Personalization â€“ Large wedding venues have templates for weddings. There is often more than one wedding happening at a time, so the standardized approach is efficient in their business. Any customization is either discouraged or comes at significant premiums. Micro Weddings, however, allow couples to create the beautiful experience of their dreams with personal touches that speak to their hearts.

As we test social norms in these uncertain times, smaller and more intimate gatherings may be preferred. Bringing those who most important in your life together to celebrate the happiest times and memory-making moments, remind us that the quality vs. quantity of our experiences is what stays with us years, beyond the day.


Meet Owner Meri Wick of the Westbrook Inn Bed and Breakfast located in beautiful Westbrook, CT. ⁠
“Owning a Bed and Breakfast has been my lifelong dream. After a successful 30 year career in Corporate sales, I decided to make that dream a reality. Together with my Life Partner, Marcus, and our family, we took over the Westbrook Inn in early 2019. Our approach is focused on creating a warm and inviting customer experience. We want to change the view of B&B’s from dusty, knick-knack filled old homes, to a fresher vintage experience focused on today’s active travelers. We love creating comfortable, inviting rooms, providing activities like kayaking, and helping to introduce guests to the endless activities on the beautiful Connecticut Shoreline.” 

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